Scream on the Trail #1 Haunted Trail in Ga, A GREAT Haunted Attraction you wont forget!

Finally a great Haunted Trail with lots of terrifying startles!

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Scream on the Trail is an outdoor trail that is full of startles and hardcore scares, Scream on the Trail full terror is not recommended for the easily scared....

Have kids or easily scared? Make sure to ask the gatekeeper for the kiddie scare version!

The journey for the brave souls wishing to enter the trail begins down a creepy old dirt road, High brush on your left prevents you from seeing what you have gotten yourself into... As you walk forward you'll eventually see an old withered garden to your left and it's about this point when you start seeing a wooden structure off in the distance.

This huge wooden cross has become a landmark of remembrance for all those that know the story of the scarecrow man..

The scarecrow man got his unfortunate name by sneaking into this very same garden night after night stealing vegetables for his family. The story goes that late one night he was slowly sneaking through the garden collecting vegetables as always when he was surprised by the farmers son who had been hiding out in the garden to catch the thief, and that dark eerie night he did!

The farmers son raised his double barrel shotgun and pulled the trigger "Click" misfire! The thief without hesitation dropped his bag of vegetables snatching the shot gun away from the boy.....The young boy quickly let out screams for help, the thief knowing he had to quickly silence him struck him in the head with the butt of the gun.......

The boy fell hard to his back and laid there motionless as the thief took off running through the corn knowing that someone must have heard the child's screams for help.... The thief running as fast as he could watched in horror as the entire garden started to fill with dimly lit lights from every angle.....

They soon closed in on the thief, tackling him to the ground and tying him up.. He laid there bound in twine as the men discussed what should be done with him when all of the sudden everyone heard schreeks of pure terror in the garden....
They ran toward the sounds until they came across the farmers wife still screaming and shouting, crying her eyes out holding their sons limp body in her arms....

Some people to this day say that the farmer never said a word after seeing his dead child, he just hung his head and slowly walked past his wife all the way to the barn, He began tying up huge posts behind the tractor and then calmly gathered up some more supplies...

On that full moon night for the very last time the farmer drove his tractor pulling the posts behind him deep into the garden, he then started constructing a huge cross out of the posts right beside where his son had fell dead..

They say that he went and drug the thief all the way back through the garden to the cross only using one hand. The farmer covered the pleading thief's head with a burlap sack and then hoisting him up onto the cross, binding his arms, legs and neck to it with twine... The farmers last known earthly words was spoken quietly that night while he stood looking at the still blubbering thief bound up on that cross.. "You took my sons life for these vegetables.... Now have them all, forever...."
The farmer then calmly made his way through and out of the garden leaving his tractor forever facing the thief up on that cross.

It's said that the thief survived almost a week hanging there on that cross, before going completely mad in the blazing hot sun and then finally dying a short time after that.
The farmer had indeed meant for the thief to hang there among the vegetables forever as a scarecrow. Rather it was for remembrance, just simple revenge or a warning to all no one knows but strange things began happening in that garden shortly after the thief died up there on that cross......

Most say that the rage filled spirit of the thief could not be bound by twine and that he stalks the garden grounds at night not able to cross the barrier to leave this area he has nothing else to do but feed his anger with fresh souls....

Up ahead the old road dead ends, "foot travel only" if you keep the withered garden on your left side, in the distance you will start to notice that the trail leads to an old building. The Cookers Slawter House!
Continue forward and past the now vacant cross, keep your wits about you though, the cross may be vacant but reports have said the scarecrow man is still very much at UNREST...

Stay alert inside the Slawter House, the Cooker is a half crazed man that has worked for and been fired from every butcher shop in the state, mostly due to his unusual meat handling methods, so called accidental mishaps and strange occurrences in the work place, "like other employees turning up missing!"

That's probably why he hides his identity behind a skull mask but it's clear that he lives for his specialty meat cuts because you can hear him working all day and night in his Slawter House... The only time he's been spotted outside the Slawter House is when he's cooking his meats that he swears up and down is just beef and nothing more but several missing persons last seen in the Slawter House would probably disagree!

If your fortunate enough to make your way out of the Slawter House "Still in one piece and without making any new friends hopefully" then you will no doubt notice that Frankenstein has set up a new lab right outside the Cookers Slawter House!

Day in and day out Dr Frankenstein can be seen tirelessly trying to force life back into his monstrous creation, we pray he's not successful in doing so, but it certainly looks like he knows what he's doing and now has everything he needs to do so...

If all goes well you will take another right as the trail winds behind the Cookers Slaughter House and toward the path that will lead you into the haunted woods.

Before you get to the haunted woods you'll pass by a house on your right where a nice young lady and her baby has recently taken up residents, not much to see here and no one has ever received a complaint about this nice girl but don't stop now because there is no telling what has followed behind you waiting for it's chance!

As you wind your way through the haunted woods you'll come upon a trailer, several people have recently reported seeing a spider den. We haven't checked that out yet but we do know that trailer has a history of strange occurrences, and it doesn't help that it's been the final home for the last seven tenants that tried living there...
Something has always felt terribly wrong in that place...

As you make your way out of the trailer keep your wits about you because the last tenants built a maze for their young daughter that you will have to pass through, on our last visit as we were traversing the creepy maze we could have swore that we heard the sounds of chopping, we never found out what the noise was but in all honesty our search only consisted of getting the crap outta there!

If you come out the other side then the only path is through an old shack. Possessions and demonic behavior are not uncommon in and around this shack ever since the necronomicon was taken from here and has not yet been returned.. Quickly out the other side of the shack... if you make it through with your soul... you will take a left and start making your way up to the Cemetery gate entrance.

This section of woods has been taken over by a half crazed witch. it hasn't been very long since we started seeing her in this area but in that very short time she has already managed to build a den, make and hang up lots of stick dolls and has got the snake infested area a whole lot safer to walk through.

She's often been seen sitting in her den, stirring her big black pot filled with freshly picked herbs "I could only imagine" and speaking passages from a weird old black book that she keeps there in the den.
We cant complain about the snake population going down a little but people have said that she's skinning all the snakes she finds and keeping only the skins? I have never seen that personally but I do make it a habit to try and avoid that lady's area because something about her, "and now even that area" is just not right....

Beyond the Cemetery gate the path continues, you will eventually hear the sound of flowing water, you're now near the dark creek and the cursed burial grounds. It's said that burying someone in this place can bring them back to life but at what cost?? Whatever it is that comes back is not the person they knew, these undead things relentlessly crave flesh, brains and to pass on their illness....

The heart broken people coming here to bury their dead have been warned it's never the person they knew that returns from the ground.... It's something else.... To this day people still keep trying, hoping some how that it will be different for their loved ones..... If you make it through here you will come to a small clearing where people keep trying to camp out "I guess on a bet or dare? Some people never learn...." if your nerve is still with you keep moving through the cemetery down the path and up the hill through more woods.

You will soon come up to Goat Pass, this pass that cuts across the main walkway got it's name from a lonely goat herder named Harry. Many years ago Harry used this pass almost daily to herd his goats back and forth through the woods so they could forage..

Early one morning Harry went to the barn to release the goats for their daily trip through the woods, when he opened the gate to the stall that held his favorite goat he stood there in disbelief as he looked down seeing his prized goat had passed away..
Although Harry had been warned not to do it he carried the goat on his back down to the cursed burial grounds of the cemetery. After digging a deep hole in the ground he placed his goat in the earth and covered it up.. He sat in waiting for two days until Harry finally saw the loose soil covering his prized goat start moving.

Harry started pawing at the earth with his bare hands, slinging dirt every where out of the hole until he finally uncovered his goat enough to begin pulling it up out of the hole. He laid back ecstatically holding the goat against his chest in tears as he felt the goat moving around in his arms once again.

It was indeed a very short lived touching moment for Harry, the goat got very still and then slowly turned it's head around facing Harry, Harry stared in shock at the goats bright red glowing eyes, he gently placed the goat down on the ground and then slowly stood up, the goat instantly jumped to it's feet revealing pointed teeth showing between it's vicious snarl followed quickly by a horrifying evil bahhhhhhh that silenced everything in the woods....
Harry some how managed to snap himself out of shock, He snapped his body around as fast as he could and quickly ran away!

Harry survived this ordeal and told us his story before picking up and moving far away, never to return again for fear of running into his demonic prized goat that still wanders Goat Pass looking for it's owner..

If you make it further up the trail you slowly begin to exit the woods, up ahead you will start to see a big blue tent, we weren't quite sure what to make of it the first time we came across it?
it appeared to be some sort of makeshift tent, but more importantly, it looked like something had went terribly wrong in there and of course they left it right on the only trail so through this tent you must go to continue...

Exiting the tent you'll see an old withered garden up ahead of you, but somewhere around these parts your at now is where the Cooker has been seen firing up his specialty cuts,
"when he's not chopping new ones from all of the animals "that no one ever see's?.." usually he's still quite busy in the Slaughter House so through this area we can go...

yet another resident has taken up this final area, you can see his small cabin up ahead on the right, all we know about him is that he has a special way of saying hello to guests that come near his place!

If you survive his territory you are almost there, the end is in sight but can you reach it now that all of the spirits and monsters know you're here?

Real Spirit
This photo was taken around 11:00 PM in front of the old graveyard